What age groups are eligible for the Junior Prep Camp?

The Junior Prep Camp is for current year Bantam-Midget AA/AAA and Junior A/B players only.

How do I register for the Junior Prep Camp?

You may register online via our program listing on the CampVine summer camp registration system by CLICKING HERE.

Will I get a confirmation/participant packet after I register?

Yes, you will be emailed a link to our website where the Participant Packet will be available for download on, or shortly after, June 1. In it you will find info directly related to the Junior Prep Camp, including: check-in times, daily groupings, team color assignments, general camp and location info, staff bios, staff contact numbers, emergency contact numbers, residence hall locations, daily camp schedule, a consent to treat form, airport pick-up details, dorm check-in procedures, meals info, and airport drop off details.

What if I register after June 1?

The link to download the participant packet will be included in the Prep Camp Acceptance email which you will receive shortly after you submit your registration.

Is the daily Prep Camp schedule online?

The final schedule for each week will be posted to each players secure Forms Library inside their private CampVine My Account page once confirmed. A sample of the daily schedule can be found here: Sample Junior Prep Hockey Camp Schedule

What kind of coaches can we expect for the Prep Camp?

The coaches for all our programs are current NHL, NCAA and Junior A coaches.

What time is registration/check-in at the Prep Camp?

Please click here to go to either the Resident Camper Information Page or the Day Camper Information Page to find check-in time details for each group.

What do I need for registration/check-in?

You need to have completed and returned the USJDP Junior Prep Camp Health & Consent to Treat Form, and be paid in full before your player can participate in any daily activities.

Can we stay and watch?

Of course! The more you learn the better as well.

Are there fans available for the dorm rooms?

A limited number of fans are available for check out at the front desk of the housing facilities. These will be given out to all campers that fly in first, and to campers that drive in second. If you are driving to camp to stay as a resident camper, it is advised that you pack your own fan.

What birth years are eligible for the USJDP Selects Tour?

The USJDP Selects International Hockey Tours are for current year Bantam AA and older players only. 

What kind of coaches can we expect on the USJDP Selects Tour?

The coaches for all our programs are current NHL, NCAA or Junior A coaches.

What level teams do we play in the tour?

All USJDP European Selects Tour teams will play local Junioren (Junior A/Midget Major ages) and Novizen (Midget Major/Midget Minor ages) teams. All teams will either be at the Elite or A levels, which equates to Junior A/Midget Major AAA - Midget Major/Midget Minor AA.

What kind of games do the USJDP Selects play?

Most friendly games will consist of a 15-minute warm-up, three 20-minute stop time periods, and a zamboni break after each period. Sometimes, tournament games will differ. These games may consist of a warm-up, followed by two, 20 or 25-minute stop time periods.

How do I register for one of the USJDP Selects Teams?

All interested players must submit the online USJDP Selects International Hockey Tour Application Form by clicking the green Apply Now! button at the top of this page. Upon receipt of the completed application form, the USJDP will contact each players’ coach for an in-depth player recommendation and evaluation. Acceptance on any of the teams will be based equally on character references and player ability. These tours are for the dedicated athlete interested in the individual development and exposure our tours provide. 

Are meals provided on the tour?

Breakfast and dinner is included each day of the tour for all players. Certain team lunches are included depending on the days' itinerary.

Is transportation included on the tour?

All in country transportation is included and provided via private motor coach. However, if you plan to venture into town during some off time, public transportation, especially buses, are easy and convenient.

Where do the teams stay?

All players stay as a group with the coaching staff. All accommodations will have individual rooms that house anywhere from 2-10 players, and will be in the same section of the hostel/hotel as the coaches. Players may bunk with personnel of their choosing provided this does not cause conflicts or create havoc. However, this is not guaranteed at all locations due to changing room configurations. We will do our best to accommodate everyone's wishes.

What is the weather like in Europe/Scandinavia?

Summer Tours: The weather this time of year in Europe/Scandinavia is warm during the days with anywhere in the 80-90's can be expected, and cool at night, especially in the mountains.

Spring Tours: Spring time in Switzerland is much like spring time in the Rockies, it could be 20 and snowing, or it could be 50 and sunny. Although at altitude it will still be cool at night.

What kind of spending money do I need?

As daily lunches are not included it is recommended that the players budget $25-30 USD per day for possible lunches, snacks and souvenirs.

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