How to select a tour

We have come up with some suggestions for questions we feel you should ask a tour provider to help you select the right tour for you and your family.  If you think we have missed any, or have additional questions for us, please feel free to call us today at 303.964.0929.

We look forward to helping you and your player enjoy the hockey experience of a lifetime.


Who do you play?

The USJDP Selects compete against the best Junior teams in Europe. We have found in the past that for a trip to be successful, we have to play the best teams we can schedule, win or lose. 


What level are they?

Our competition is at the Elite or Top level in Europe, comparable to AA and AAA hockey in North America.


What age levels will we be playing?

The teams we compete against are age appropriate teams at the Bantam, Midget and Junior levels.


Who coaches your teams?

All USJDP Selects Tour teams are coached by current NHL, NCAA or Junior A coaches. 


Are flights included in the price?

The flight is included for some of our tours, and for others it is not. Please review the detailed webpage for each tour for exact tour inclusions.


How have your teams done in the past?

In the 15+ years we have been touring central Europe, we have competed very well in each tournament. Please see below for a list of our past tournament results:

- 4th Place - 2019 Finland Lions Cup Tournament

- 3rd Place - 2015 Finland Lions Cup Tournament

- 3rd Place - 2015 Swiss Ski Country Selects Tourney

- 2nd Place - 2014 Swiss Ski Country Selects Tourney

- 3rd Place - 2013 Swiss Ski Country Selects Tourney

- 2nd Place - 2012 Swiss Ski Country Selects Tourney

- 1st Place - 2008 Swiss Ski Country Selects Tourney

- 4th Place - 2007 BBT Software Cup 

- 4th Place - 2006 EZO International U16 Tournament

- 4th Place - 2006 Swiss Ski Country Selects Tourney

- 3rd Place - 2005 Three Nations Ice Hockey Tournament

- 3rd Place - 2004 Swiss Alps Cup

- 2nd Place - 2003 Czech Hockey Challenge Cup (Best result ever for a US born team)

- 2nd Place - 2002 EV Zug International Challenge Cup

- 2nd Place - 2001 EV Zug International Challenge Cup


Are there any development opportunities on the tour? If so, with whom?

Yes, all teams practice and take advantage of the local training centers with our NCAA or Junior A coaches. We also have professional European coaches join us on-ice for practices as well when possible.


Is there any college or Junior A exposure opportunities on the tour?

Yes, all USJDP program coaches provide recruiting and exposure opportunities for all Tour and Junior Prep Camp participants. These coaches actively recommend players for the various NCAA, Junior A, and AAA teams they are associated with.


What caliber players do you take? AA, AAA or anybody?

Our teams are all filled by AA and AAA players from across North America. 


How do you select/screen your players?

All interested players must submit the online USJDP Selects International Hockey Tour Application Form by clicking the green Apply Now! button at the top of this page. Upon receipt of the completed application form, the USJDP will contact each players’ coach for an in-depth player recommendation and evaluation. Acceptance on any of the teams will be based equally on character references and player ability. These tours are for the dedicated athlete interested in the individual development and exposure our tours provide.